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Amber is a naturally formed gemstone that hails from fossilised tree resin (not sap). This process takes milions of years to complete and the result is a beautiful clear to smoky stone that has various uses. The name of the stone is also often the colour, and it ranges from lighter sunshine colours, to deeper golden browns depending on the fossilisation. Some rare colours have also been discovered and are also very much sought after: black, red, green and blue. In order for amber to be formed, it is crucial that it can withstand the elements, such as rain, sunshine and wind or else it would just serve the purpose of resin, which over time will be worn out or damaged.

In recent times we see our world moving from the industrialized, over-processed culture into one that is moving back to the natural roots. A lot emphasis is place on sourcing local, natural organic products. Jewellery and accessories are no different. No longer do consumers want to be associated with items that are over processed, and have a desire for products that are rather naturally harvested and hand crafted. Man and nature now work together to form not only practical things, but things of beauty as well.

The sourcing of Amber from the Baltic region accomplishes just that. Take your mind to the Baltic region, which covers old Europe countries like Germany, Lithuania, Finland and more. These countries are heralded for old world charm and elegance, and have been using Amber as an ingredient in perfume, for its medicinal qualities and also for decorating purposes. A natural stone set in man made casing offers you a variety of products, without being overly processed. The joy of having a naturally formed product means that no two items are exactly alike, and the beauty of these gemstones rely on the pressures of nature.

In ancient times Amber used to be described in Lithuanian legends as the broken down pieces of the sea queen’s castle, each little piece washing up on the shores of the Baltic Ocean. In other folk tales, they referred to Amber as “Beaming Sun”, and it is our joy to bring you a piece of sunshine. This sunshine is captured in various ways and covers a vast range of rings, necklaces, pendants, amber teething necklaces, jewellery holders and more. All pieces are hand crafted and use only genuine, natural Amber gemstones.

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