About us is proud to present some of the most beautiful glass Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas tree decorations. Here you can find the right glass ornament that is going to embellish your beautiful Christmas tree. is created by business and technology professionals, 100% secure and offers the best selection of hand painted glass ornaments on the market. All glass ornaments are made in Europe with an age-old tradition, with hand-blown glass and hand painted details. Such glass ornaments have been used for a century and half, and for many people they have become quite the symbol of the Christmas spirit. Each ornament is hand painted by a skilled artist and will be a beautiful addition to any Christmas ornaments collection. 

Our Artists

Reinhard Herzog

Reinhard Herzog learned his craft while studying to be a laboratory glass engineer at the Wertheim Academy for Glass in Germany.  Since 1977,  he has operated his own glass studio in Wertheim, and for the past several years has produced glass in his St.Louis studio. 

While Reinhard works at the oven and the torch, he is best known for his montage technique, the highest level of lampwork.  In this complex procedure, different colored glass pieces are melted together with careful precision to form intricate glass creations. 

His masterpieces are exhibited in galleries and shops around the world. To express his whimsical side, Reinhard also creates many different ornaments vases, and animals that require skill and artistry. 
A master glass artist, the German Crafts Council has sent Reinhard as their representative to festivals and exhibitions around the world to demonstrate his lampworking ability. 


Kitras Art Glass

Stephen Kitras began working as a glass blower in 1988. He studied at Sheridan College located in Oakville, Ontario Canada. For five years he worked alone handling all of the production and administrative tasks. He and his wife Elke were shipping the product from their dinning room table.

In 1994 Kitras Art Glass was formed and Stephen and Elke became founding partners of the corporation. At this time, the single most important factor in the company's growth was the beginning of exportation to the United States.  By 2001 company sales had increased and a new facility was built to accomodate the increased production demands.

 It is the vision of Kitras Art Glass to be recoginized as an excellent Canadian glass blowing studio that produces innovative, beautiful and decorative glass objects. We strive to create designs that enhance the modern home, garden and lifestyle. We believe that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life.

When surrounded by beauty the spirit is uplifted. We hope that you will be inspired by our products, our vision and our passion and share our message with your customers or in your own home.


"Yolochka - the oldest specialized enterprise for the production of glass Christmas tree decorations in Russia. We produce handmade products made in traditional and contemporary style with rich colors and a variety of forms.

The high quality and artistic value of enterprise shown by the fact that the glass Christmas ornaments repeatedly received high marks and diplomas in many national and international exhibitions (All-Russia: "Games and Toys", "Childhood", international: "Amdiente", "ChristmasWorld "," Christmas Time ").

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